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Promo code: TG14

Details of the Event:

Conditions of the activity: All new and existing members

Promotion Content:

The highest rebate in the country! Starting from 1 peso, you can get a 1.0% super rebate, with no upper limit! Hurry and invite your friends to join and challenge the high rebate!

[About real-time rebate steps]: After logging in to your member account, click

REAL TIME REBATE-promotion-rule

Details of the Event:

  1. Choose between [Real-time Rebate] and [Daily Rebate].

  2. All rebate amounts need to be turned over once before you can apply for withdrawal.

  3. Members who have not applied for instant rebates default to [Daily Rebates]. Proper bets made from 00:00 to 23:59 U.S. time in a day (12:00 noon to 11:59 the next day in the Philippines) will be processed on the next day (Philippines time 14:00-15:30) and deposited directly into the member’s game account.

  4. If there is still remaining rebate amount after deducting the rebate amount from the total daily rebate, it will be returned along with the [Daily Rebate] portion on the next day to recover it. 

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