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Participants: All members of TG777.
Scope of activities: TG777.com [All Games]
Promotion content:
All members of TG777 simply need to deposit 500 or more daily and have a total turnover of 10,500 or more. They will immediately receive the “sign-in reward” and, by signing in for 7 consecutive days (no delay), they will receive a bonus of 750. The more consecutive attendance, the more continuous rewards!

Promotion detail:

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Reward mechanism
Automatically receive rewards by logging into your account on the sign-in day. Select “Sign In” in the bottom right corner of the screen to receive rewards. Overdue sign-ins will be considered as forfeiting the right to receive rewards.

Attendance requirements:
As long as the total amount of daily deposits exceeds 1,000 and the total effective wagering amount exceeds 20,000, it can be withdrawn within 1 hour and only once per day. If you don’t have time to attend, you can make up for attendance!

All attendance rewards can only be withdrawn after completing 1 round of wagering.
After members complete the roll call task, please collect the reward within 24 hours of the day, otherwise, the right to receive the reward will be considered canceled.
Members who engage in fraudulent wagering practices and violate company regulations will not be included in the list of winners.
TG777 reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel this promotion at any time! 

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As long as you register as a TG777 member and complete the membership information, you can download the APP to get jili free play.

There is really no need to store value! Download TG777 APP to get cash, you can withdraw money, and quickly share it with your friends.

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