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24/7 Unlimited Time - tg777

24/7 Unlimited Time

Event conditions :
All members.

Terms and conditions of the event

2020/01/01 00:00:00 – Long-term

Thank you for your support and love for [TG777.com]. Our company is dedicated to serving every player wholeheartedly. To provide better service, the following terms apply to all promotional activities. If you are a sincere player, you will not be affected by the following terms, so please feel free to play ~

  1. TG777.com is a legally registered gaming company in the Philippines, and all gaming business activities comply with the gaming agreements of the Philippine government. In the increasingly competitive online gambling market, we continuously seek innovation and development, creating various game modes with our proud creative team. Providing customers with instant, stimulating, intimate entertainment products, and high-quality services is the primary goal of our company, TG777.com.

  2. All your refunds, deposit records, betting records, and withdrawal records are based on Eastern Time (Philippine Time = Eastern Time).

  3. All promotions at TG777.com are set up for honest players. If any team or individual wins bonuses dishonestly, TG777 will stop and cancel the rebates and earnings obtained through dishonest means.

  4. If a member has any disputes about an activity, to protect the interests of both parties and prevent identity theft, TG777 has the right to request members to provide us with complete and accurate documents to confirm whether they are entitled to discounts or not.

  5. TG777 reserves the ultimate interpretation of the event and the right to modify and terminate the event without prior notice, applicable to all promotional activities.

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